[Bug] Page view changes from mobile to auto when adding a page load interaction

I am working on a mobile prototype (Galaxy S9 - Page dimension) and when I added a page load interaction it previews locally in a web page dimension. With any other page interaction the view remains the same (Galaxy S9). Let me know if I am doing something wrong or if this is a bug.

Hi Candourist!

Hmm, I’ve tested out using a Page Loaded event for a project with Galaxy S9 dimensions, but I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior yet. To look into this more, could you send along the project file where you’re seeing this issue? If you would prefer not to post the project file on the forum, you can email us at support@axure.com. Additional information about your operating system and current Axure RP 9 build (found in “Help > About Axure RP”) would be helpful as well! :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Hey Chelsea!

I have Axure Pro installed and my PC is a Win 10 - 64bit. Also attaching the file where I faced the issue.

The interaction should be pretty clear, but still I will explain.

I want a circle to increase and decrease in size and it should start this interaction on page load. I have done this using Page Loaded and two hotspots with On move.

I have noticed that the page goes back to mobile view when I click on any action on the Axure utility bar on top while previewing.

P.S: I have tried everything I know and it eat up my whole day, still I have no answers.

Thank you!

[Bug] Page load.rp (44.7 KB)

Hi Candourist!

Thanks for sending this along! It looks like this issue may be due to the way that the two hotspots fire their Move by actions without any breaks between the two events. Although the resizing animation will take 500 ms to finish displaying, the “move” action fires immediately after the resize starts. Since there are no “Wait” actions between the resize and the move actions, the two hotspots are firing immediately after one another. I was able to reproduce this issue in another file without any animations as well. To workaround the issue, I added a “wait” event to the second widget’s event, between a “Set Text” and “Move by” action. This made it so that the page dimensions displayed correctly, and all of the interactions did not fire so rapidly.

wait-workaround-sample.rp (58.1 KB)

I’ve attached my sample file for your review above. It looks like making a similar change to the “Dec” hotspot in your project should allow for the page dimensions to display correctly as well:

This behavior looks to be unexpected, so I’ll be filing a bug report on this issue on your behalf. I hope this all helps!

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Thank you Chelsea, it worked! This was helpful :grinning:

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