Bug? Repeater an Radio Group

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I have an issue with a Radio Group inside a repeater. I want to build a glossary with an alphabetic index on top. I want to use a repeater to create the index tabs. The behaviour should be that if I select one index tab, this should be the only one selected - simply like a Radio Group.

The actual behaviour is different: I can select each of the index tabs, but the others won’t be deselected. It seems if they are all isolated from each other, although I haven’t configured the isolation option in the repeater.

Here you can see my configuration:

Here is the prototype: Axure Cloud Redirect

And here is the RP9 file: RegisterRadioGroup.rp (143.6 KB)

Any suggestion? Can’t see what I’m doing wrong …

Many thanks in advance! :blush:

I can’t open your project but I’ll see what I can do.

You say the “ALL” tab is a “radio button”. Are you actually using the “radio button” widget, or is it just a rectangle with the same selection group as the rest of the tabs?

Radio button groups and selection groups are independent of one another.

SelectionGroup.rp (52.7 KB)

Thank you very much for your answer @huban

You are right! :slight_smile:
The register tabs aren’t radio buttons (including “All”), they all are just rectangles in the same selection group.

I think, it’s a bug. In other constellations (without a repeater) the selection works totally fine.

Solved the problem by upgrading to beta channel.

The issue was caused by this bug: Selection group issue

I was happy too soon. :frowning:

The Beta shows a new problem … in the generated prototype the states of the widgets aren’t properly set to disabled or selected.

This is the view in the editor:

All states are correct.

This is the view in the generated prototype:

No selection or disabled states are shown …

So I have the choice between plague and cholera.

AAAAARGH! :sob: I surrender!

I feel your pain. Wasted an hour to do a simple menu and it made me start questioning my sanity. Did notice to, the items added to groups were being set to disabled for some reason?

Thank you for your answer! :slight_smile:

The disabled items are intended. But the generated prototype does’nt show them.

Thanks to the excellent help provided by Chelsea from Axure Customer Support, the problem was identified and resolved. :slight_smile::+1:

There is a bug which leads to a broken handling of states in this particular combination (one widget with a selected state outside repeater but inside the same selection group). A bug report is filed.

But Chelsea also found a workaround that bypasses the problem:

I found that modifying the way that the "TabAll" widget is selected on the page helps to workaround this issue. You can place the "TabAll" widget in a group, and remove its selection group properties. Then, you can apply the selection group to the widget group itself instead. The "TabAll" widget can load with selection styling on the page, but as a different widget in the repeater is selected, the selection group changes, so that the "TabAll" widget’s group is not selected. This pulls the selection away from the group, so that the "TabAll" widget no longer displays as selected.

You can apply selection styling back onto this widget using an OnClick action for its group that sets the group to selected. This allows the "TabAll" widget to display selection styling again on the page, without being directly targeted for selection through the selection group.

And she attached a modified and working version of my prototype:

RegisterRadioGroup-edited.rp (142.6 KB)

Many thanks to Chelsea an the Axure Support Team :muscle::slight_smile:

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