[BUG REPORT] Ondrag not work after repeater updated


Here is an example.


ondrag not work after repeater updated.rp (56.7 KB)


Hi Jorkin,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and including your file for us to test. We are able to reproduce the issue you are seeing and it looks like a simultaneous drag and filter interaction causes any subsequent drag interactions to fail.

I have gone ahead and filed this bug for our engineers to investigate. In the meantime, if you separate your “Move” action and add it to the “RESET” button instead, this allows for drag interactions to behave as intended.

ondrag not work after repeater updated – Axure Edit.rp (57.3 KB)


Is this bug not fixed yet?


Our teams are still investigating the filed bug report and exploring possible solutions. Unfortunately, we are unavailable to provide any updates due to the complex nature of this bug.