Bug: Show with "treat as flyout" does not work OnMouseEnter when in a repeater


The Show command with its “treat as flyout” option turned on will not show its target widget when executed within the OnMouseEnter interaction when in a repeater. (Axure 9 Mac, build 3625)


Take the stock repeater and add a hidden ellipse in the repeater row. Add the following interaction to the (unnamed) stock rectangle in the repeater row:

    Show ellipse treat as flyout

The ellipse will not show when moused over. Note that if you change the interaction to OnClick instead, the ellipse will show. Or if you copy and paste the rectangle and ellipse outside of the repeater (still using OnMouseEnter), the ellipse will show when moused over.

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Hi josephxbrick,

Thanks for the clear repro steps! I filed this as a bug with our QA team.

@Jane_Axure I’ve noticed this same issue but specifically when I have a repeater within a y-scrolling dynamic panel. Example RP attached. Example.rp (58.3 KB)