[Bug] Suggestion for Case/Interaction sidebar



Something that has occurred to me while working on some large, complex repeaters. Unlike some users, I have grown to quite like the new interaction editor sidebar.

However, the behaviour of the sidebar is really inconsistent in one area. If you are editing interactions, whenever you save a change to a given interaction or case, you are returned to the case you were looking at. You can work your way through multiple cases, making edits quite happily.

But - if you change the case itself (i.e. if X = Y, do X), the Condition Builder opens. If you save changes to the conditions and save, either by hitting Save or Return, then the whole interaction sidebar scrolls all the way to the top, for no reason that I can understand. This makes editing multiple cases incredibly laborious, as you need to scroll up and down repeatedly. Please consider removing this behaviour, I can’t see any good reason for it.


Agreed, the unexpected scrolling is not convenient! We should have a fix for this one in the next beta channel update (in about two weeks).


That’s fantastic, thanks Rachel!

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