[Bug] Table Cell selection issue

Since the latest update, I am unable to select individual table cells for interaction, as in previously i could select a table cell and set it to selected/unselected, etc. Now i am unable to even see the table cell in the dropdown list even if i search specifically for it.
The table cells for which i had given interactions before the last update can be seen in the interaction panel, but I cannot select them, search for them or change the previously given interactions. I have shown an example of the same in the attached screenshot.

Is anybody else facing this issue?

Facing the same issue when trying using the ‘Set Text’. Individual table cells are no longer appearing in the widget selectors.

Hi all,

Thanks so much for reaching out about this! Just to confirm, is this behavior happening with table widgets that are placed in dynamic panel states? There is a known bug that we have on file where table widgets and table cells that are placed in dynamic panel states are not able to be targeted by actions like “Set Selected” or “Set Text”. Our respective teams are currently investigating a fix for this issue, and I’ll be updating this topic as the issue is resolved! Thank you!

Hi, My tables are not in a dynamic table. In fact in the screenshot above all the cells are of the same table. The ones seen there are the ones i had created interactions for before the last update. Now I cannot search and find them or select them in any way, and the ones selected previously I cannot create an interaction

Hi Vyoma,

Thanks for the update on this! We’ve received your email regarding this issue as well. It looks like this particular behavior may be file-specific, so we’ll need to take a closer look at your project file to further investigate. However, I’ll be happy to update this topic as we troubleshoot this behavior more.

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