BUG? with positioning widget with move-interaction

Hi guys
Well I have a problem here which I don’t even understand how it could happened.

On Preview:
I have two widget A & B in the same position (e.g. x: 726, y: 8), B is on hide-mode.
When I’m trying to show B and move A to e.g. x: 726, y: 45 => A move to same y-coord but different x.

I’m trying to do read the coords with mouseover and it shows me that A has the same coords as B, but they are just stand in different positions on the canvas O.O
What is going on?
Can someone please help me with this?


Are your widgets–especially widget A–in a group? There is a known bug with grouped widgets where canvas positions get munged yet the reported x and y values are otherwise correct. If this is the case, ungroup the widgets, reselect them all and create a dynamic panel from them. Then it should work.

If this is not the case, I would suggest uploading your .rp file here so that forum users can help figure it out. I would also recommend emailing your .rp file to support@axure.com --they are typically very responsive and successful at fixing issues like this.

Thank you for answer.
Well they are both in a main-group but the order is like so:

- A
- B
- group
- dynamic panel
-> trigger to move widget A

=> now I’ve put them completely out of the group:

  • A
  • B
    • group
    • dynamic panel
      -> trigger to move widget A

and it works…
Thanx @mbc66.

this issues is still frustrating …

best regards