Button appearing out of nowhere- can anyone help?

Whenever I click anywhere in the prototype, this grey button looking thing appears. Then I have to click on this grey thing and then the event/action happens. Any ideas? Attached a screenshot

On your click event do you have an empty (unnamed case-if then else) ?

No, it is happening everywhere in the prototype. Whenever I click anywhere where I have set an interaction, this button appears. And then I have to click on the grey button and then that makes the interaction happen

Hi @jay25, can you please check the interaction settings in Axure? There is a chance that you might have set up a setting for interactions that tries to show you the case names whenever you try to interact with widgets, and it can be the reason why interactions do not work as expected. If you turn it off, you should be able to preview your file normally. To do that, go to the main menu and select " Publish>Publish to Axure Cloud ". Then go to the “Interactions” tab and select the radio button “Show case names only with multiple cases” or “Never show case names”. I hope this helps!

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