Calculate Shopping Cart Total

Hey guys!

I’m working on a school project to make a mobile app for a restaurant, very basic burgers and fries. Using repeaters and global variables I can add the orders to the review page to see what has been selected. Only problems is that I am can’t figure out a way to calculate the total of everything selected on the review order page as well. I tried using hotspots and a global variable but that made it very clunky.

Any tips or suggestions on how to achieve this?

Hi -
I think I can help … Any chance you can share a copy of the source file?

Hi, thank you. When I try to upload the source .rp file it says it too large. Any way around that?

Any way to post a download link (Dropbox, Droplr, etc.)?

Hi -
I worked/updated on the “Drinks” and “Desserts” pages and I believe I got it working as per your initial post.

On each one of those pages, the “Add to Cart” button was disconnected from the Image/Text.

Ultimately, here’s what I did:

  • grouped the “Add to Cart” with the other product elements (Price, Name, and Image). Additionally, I moved the button interactions to the “group”.

I also removed the “$” from the Price in the table - that way - each products unique Price will be accurately added to the “TotalPrice” variable

Take a look at the attached file, it (hopefully) should make sense. Again, I updated “Drinks” and “Desserts” ONLY.

Hope it helps