Calling master or dynamic panel not displaying

This has got me so frustrated ever since Axure upgraded from version 6 to 7+. Before I could see all dynamic panels/masters when I click on interactions > onclick. Now it seems I can only see the assets just inside the master and nothing else. How do I call dynamic panels that lives on the main page from inside a master??

Hi neuro929!

Raised events can be used to allow masters to interact with widgets placed directly on a page. For example, you could have a master’s widget raise an event OnClick, and then define how that raised event interacts with the page-level widgets by selecting the master on the page and creating an action for that raised event. You can learn more about using raised events with masters and pages here.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you again. I did review that page, still a little confused on how to call events that reside outside the master instance, hence raising the event made sense, but still not working for me. Let me play around a little more to see what i can figure out.

thank you for your help!