Camera with your own UI

Hi guys!

I’m quite new to Axure… I’m currently designing an app for android in which one of the main features is the camera, with my own UI in it. I have tried looking for help but only found this topic:
Launching the camera application in android mobile prototyping .

In that topic the user wants to launch the camera but I would like to just copy the camera view, with my own designed UI within the camera app if that makes sense?

Is that possible on Axure?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

You will probably need to use javascript to achieve this in Axure. Seems like folks have gotten this to work, as I’ve seen threads on this in the past. I’m not sure if it gives you just the video stream or an inline frame with the native camera “chrome”…

I searched for just “cam” and came up with a number of threads:

This one seems like a good start:

If you do a general Google search or search on Stack Overflow site for things like “javascript mobile camera” and “javascript android camera stream” and/or “javascript webcam stream” (or “camera feed” ?) you will probably find a good solution that you can then inject into Axure. There are two basic approaches to do this. One is to add the javascript code in an Axure Share plugin (easier), the other is embedding the javascript into your Axure file via “javascript injection” (harder). You can search this forum with those terms to find out more. You can also learn the basics of Axure Share plugins here:

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