Can I add different widget fieldsets to different pages of my prototype?

Dear all,

I’m having small issue understanding the "Widget fieldsets’ purpose. I know I can create different widget fieldsets depending on my needs, but I have another question.
In some of my pages I need simpler notes (with 2-3 field notes for example) and in others I need more complicated ones.

I thought that I can assign different Widget fieldset to each element on the page - obviously I was totally wrong. Then, I thought I can add different widget fieldsets on different pages of my prototype. I was wrong again.
Can you advise what is the purpose of creation of multiple widget fieldsets if I can’t use them all in one prototype? Or can I? Are there some settings I need to check?

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Fieldsets are just for grouping different widget notes. So you can have two or three fields for content writers, a couple of fields for developers etc. They are available on every widget and you can switch between them using the fieldset picker. They’re defined on a project basis. I don’t believe you can set up different fieldsets on different pages/widgets.

Having said that, the functionality appears to be broken in the current Mac release - I can’t add any field type except Note to a fieldset, and I can’t add more than one field. @Alyssa_Axure are you aware of this issue?

Hi Dave!

I just took a look at this on my end—it looks like if I use the “Edit Widget Notes” tab to customize the widget fields and add more fields (like one Number field and one SelectList field, for example), and then go to “Edit Widget Fieldsets” tab, I’m able to select and add those to a fieldset. Are you able to create any custom fields in a similar way? Please let me know if you’re running into any issues with that. Thank you in advance!

Hi Chelsea, here’s the issue I’m seeing in Axure, on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6.


In the above GIF, I can only add a single field to any set, and the only option is a Note. I can’t edit the field name or type. I don’t personally use this functionality, so it’s not an issue for me, but I thought I should report it.

Hey Dave,

You have to create the required fields in the “Edit Widget Notes” upfront. Only after that you can add them to the Widget Fieldsets.

Ah, well now I feel foolish.

Although in my defence, I don’t think that’s all that obvious…

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