Can I use Axure 10 on a secure network?

Looking at using Axure10 to help design our GUI.
But we need to use it on a secure network with no access to the World Wide Web, so no access to the cloud or ability to login to any internet account.
Any Licence key activation would have to be manual.

Is this possible with Axure10?

Hi @Tim_RSL,

Axure RP 10 is able to be installed and used in an offline environment, however, because activating RP 10 requires a valid subscription, authentication over the internet is required. I have included some steps below that you can use to activate RP 10 on an offline machine:

  1. Once you install Axure RP onto your offline computer, select the Sign In button (which should open your browser, but with a connection error message).
  2. Copy and paste that browser URL into a .txt file that you can transfer to a USB drive.
  3. Plug the USB drive into your connected/online computer, open the .txt file, and then copy & paste the URL from the .txt file to your web browser.
  4. Select Copy Code , then paste the information that’s copied to your clipboard onto a .txt file, and then place that .txt file on your USB drive.
  5. Use the USB drive to copy the code back to your disconnected computer.
  6. Open Axure RP, and select Paste Code at the bottom of the dialog that appears when first opening the app.

Keep in mind, for this process to work you will want to double-check that you have an active subscription assigned to your account before you start. RP 10 should work normally in an offline environment with the exception of publishing and team project functions, which require a connection to Axure Cloud. The app should remain activated until your subscription’s expiration date.