Can not set size by interaction when dynamic panel scroll setting is not never scoll

Reproduce: Test.rp (48.0 KB)

  1. Add “Page”
  2. Set “Adaptive Views” with height
    (Can not be any. Must give a number to height. ex. 1920w x 929h or select “Custom Device”)
  3. Add “Dynamic Panel”, and set panel width/height to 100w x 100h.
  4. In the panel, add a 200w x 200h rectangle.
  5. Switch the “SETTINGS” of Panel’s scroll to any options but not “Nerver Scroll”.
  6. Set Interactions on panel > “CLICK OR TAP” > Set Size > This to 200w x 100h.

After above settings, preview the page. Then click the panel will find out the panel not resize.

And there will print an error in browser’s dev tool > console:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘parentDynamicPanel’)

If skip one of the steps 2 or 5, that the situation would not occur again.

The reason why I found this problem was that I want the Adaptive Views’ scroll style… But never know the interation of set size will be broken.

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