Can Pro users collaborate on a Team project




Just wondering if an Axure RP Pro 9 user can collaborate on a Team project. My understanding is that only a Team license can host a Team project, but that any Pro or Team license can collaborate on a Team project. Is that correct?



Hi Don!

Editing or collaborating on team projects does require users to have a Team license, since team projects have a different file extension (.rpteam instead of .rp) that users with a Pro license won’t be able to open. If any Pro license users need to work on team projects, one option would be to have their licenses upgraded to Team at Another option would be to look into getting them Team subscriptions, which are available for monthly terms and can be cancelled anytime. If that sounds like something you and your team would be interested in doing, you can purchase or read more about subscriptions at

Hopefully that helps!


That answers my question. Thank you Connor.

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