Can RP8 and RP9 users share the same team project created in RP8


Hello, I have a team projected created in RP8. I need to add users who work in RP9 and RP8. Is this possible? will it create any problems? We do not want to upgrade everyone on the project to RP9 as some of us are much more comfortable with RP8. Mac users as well.


Hi @oozability! Collaborators on team projects do need to be using the same version of Axure RP, but as long as the RP 9 users work on this particular project in RP 8, then they can collaborate on the team project with the RP 8 users.

To clarify, users can have both Axure RP 8 and Axure RP 9 installed on their machines simultaneously, and any users who have an RP 9 license or subscription can use it in RP 8 as well. If needed, users can download and install Axure RP 8 from the link below:

Hopefully that helps!

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