Can you no longer duplicate/delete a state in All States view now that you can reorder in All States view?

This seems so obvious, I feel like I have to be missing something. With the recent update, you can now reorder states in All States view (finally!), BUT… the reordering controls seem to have REPLACED the Duplicate/Delete controls (on the top right of each state). I have not been able to find a setting to add the Duplicate/Delete controls back to that location. From a user perspective, it seems that it would be obvious that the Duplicate/Delete controls would still be there but with the addition of the new reorder controls next to them. Did they really just completely remove the Duplicate/Delete from the All States? If so, that would make no sense, as it seems they simply swapped the previous issue of having different actions available between outside and inside All States view - previously only Duplicate/Delete in All States; now only Reorder in All States. It’s the same issue but with the controls swapped.

Hi @aem1,

Thank you for your feedback. With the recent update, the Delete and Duplicate panel state buttons were removed in place of the buttons to allow for reordering panel states in the All States View.

However, you now have a few other options for deleting and duplicating states when viewing all states:

  1. With a state selected, use the Delete key to delete and Ctrl + D (Win) / Cmd + D (Mac) to duplicate a panel state.
  2. Right-click the state name that appears above a panel state (or in the Outline) and choose Delete or Duplicate from the context menu.
  3. In the new toolbar at the top of the All States View, click the dynamic panel icon to manage the states.
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