Can you use half pixels in sizing and positioning?



Does Axure allow decimal points in sizing and positioning? For example, I have a shape I want to position at x:24.5px. I doesn’t allow that and I can’t find a setting to make it do so.


No, I found that only attributes related to fonts can involve decimal points, such as word spacing, word size, line spacing. If you want to set the shape to 24.5px, you can do this by converting the shape to an image and importing the image (png format), with 0.5px left in front of the image, so you can achieve the desired effect, but the image is less editable than the shape, and it is best to do this after designing all the styles and interactions


Thanks, Tiana. I think what makes this an issue is that Axure doesn’t calculate line position like other apps. If I have a 1px thick vertical lines I would expect it to position based on center of line. Instead it treats the line like a thin rectangle and positions based on the top left corner.

So if I want to align a vertical line to the center point of a down-facing arrow I am forced to use a 2px thick line.