Cannot reorder widgets in oultine pane (possible bug?)

Hi everyone

I’m refering to this functionality here:
Sometimes, quite often, I’m unable to move/reorder widgets within the outline pane. When I click & drag an element there’s no visual indication of the click/drag and nothing happens. The only way I found to fix it is to quickly restart Axure and the functionality works again. But the buttons for “Bring to front” and “Send to back” work fine. Is this a known issue?

I’v yet to determine the conditions for when this happens. Maybe it happens after copy + pasting elements, maybe after alt tabbing to other programs… I really don’t know.

The issue happens to me say twice per hour of prototyping in Axure. Also the issue has been present since I’ve startet using Axure about a year ago. It’s quite infuriating to have to restart the application while working.

Additional Information:
Windows 10
Axure 9 RP, Team Projects
Various axure project files / prototypes


I am having the same issue

Mac Catalina
Axure 9 Pro

I have also been experiencing this in the latest release.

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Thank you for reporting this!

We are aware of an issue like this that can happen in team projects, and we should have a fix available for this soon.

In team projects, it was possible to get into this state when double-clicking a widget in the Outline on a page that was not checked out. After checking out the page, there could have been issues dragging and reordering widgets in the Outline as described.

Does this situation sound like the issue you all may have been running into? If not, or if you’ve run into this problem outside of team projects, any information about what you may have been doing in RP prior to getting in this state could be helpful for us to investigate it further.

Hi Julie

Thank you for your response. I tested and the behaviour you describe is in fact what’s happening to me. All it needs is a double click on a checked in page and the dragging and reordering functionality on the checked out page that I’m working on breaks (notably these are two different pages, not the same page as you wrote).
Maybe there are other ways to trigger this effect, but the “clicking on checked in pages” narrows it down a lot.

I do this quite often, navigating through outlines of checked in pages to inspect how the page/elements are arranged and to check their properties. Also to check for interactions on such elements. I also copy + paste from existing (checked in) page to new pages (checked out.

Any chance on a date when this will be fixed? :slight_smile:


same here…
Julie thanks for the post. will check it.
also waiting for the answer when it will be fixed

This is happening for me in a team project.

Thank you all for confirming this! While I don’t have an exact date to offer, this fix should be in our next release candidate (RC) build.

If you have “Include beta channel builds” selected in the RP updater (accessible via Help > Check for Updates in RP), you should get a notification when the build is available. :slight_smile:

Hi all

I think this was fixed within the last Update (I’m on There was a somewhat related Release Note about using touch devices and managing the outline pane. And since the update the Problem no longer occurs :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fix!

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