Cannot see my file in Axure Share (need to delete a share link)

I can login and access to my, the workspace. I can see the My Projects folder, when I go into My Projects folder however, I cannot see the project of the latest prototype I created, but I can see my old projects. When I check in my Axure prototype RP file, it says it is under My Projects, I can see the two share links under there (the publish dialog box), but I cannot see them in (I need to delete a link). Can you please advise?

Hi sylvial,

Could you first make sure that the account you are logged in to in the Axure RP application matches the one you are logging in to in the browser at

If so, could you post a screenshot of the Publish to Axure Share dialog where it lists the projects you have under your workspaces and another screenshot of what you see in the Axure Share portal UI in the browser? A screenshot of your logged in page with a list of your workspaces and one with your projects under your "My Projects workspace should do the trick. Thanks!