Can't change a label's typography

Hello !
I’m just beginning with Axure RP 9 and i’m trying to create a mockup
I need to put a label just next to a text box (like a input)
For now, the label’s typography is a curvy weird thing, i’ve tried to change it in the “STYLE” category. However, even if i change the font, and if the font i chose remains the right one, the display on the label doesn’t change (still the weird curvy font)
Could someone help me with this?
Thank you!
Sorry for my english i’m not a native english speaker

I think I understand what you are trying to do, but would need to see your .rp file to know just what is going on here. Could you upload your file, (or a copy of it with just the wierd curvy font and the font you wish to use?)

It could be that you are using a system font that is rendered differently in the browser, or your .rp file has a font mapping and/or webfont set up in the HTML generator to swap a different font (the curvy weird one) when the HTML or preview is generated. Or, if you are using a local system font and then looking at the prototype on another computer or device that does not have that font installed, a substitute font is being used. Or, if you are publishing to Axure Cloud there is a CSS plugin that is overriding fonts? …Could be lots of potential causes for your issue.

You can learn more about typography and fonts and how they are used in Axure here: