Can't Create Claymorphism in Axure RP 10, It's the trend please help!

Hello there! Claymorphism is getting big in the UI design community. It’s getting popular. I tried creating one in Axure RP10 and I can’t. We cant style a rectangle with multiple Inner shadows in it. As a designer, I can’t accept that my main tool cannot create something as simple as this. Please add an overlapping functionality on the shadows. It’s a big thing, especially for us who wants to keep up with the trend. Hoping for your immediate action.

For your reference:
Claymorphism in User Interfaces | Hype4Academy

Just my take but I don’t think Axure as a tool is meant for this sort of thing. Just as Figma is not good at prototyping.
A bit laborious, but I’m assuming you know you can import elements from Figma and go from there.

Yeah, I tried it. once imported the round rectangle would return to rectangle only and the shadows are destroyed. I get your point about figma and axure but my project is too big to be created in figma

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