Can't preview native iOS app prototype properly


I’m unable to to find a way to preview my native iOS prototype properly using the Axure Cloud App. I’m using the latest version of Axure RP 9 and am using the iPhone 11 Pro template. Within the cloud app project settings, I have “Show status bar” switched off. Every time I preview the project, there is a large white box at the bottom of the screen where the iOS home indicator lives. I can’t get rid of this and the artwork doesn’t fit on the screen—I have to scroll it up to view the bottom of it. If I turn on, “Show status bar,” and crop my artwork by 44px, the white bar doesn’t show up. But now, I have a 44px black status bar at the top of the screen. Additionally, when doing this I get mixed results each time I preview the project. Sometimes the artwork fits on the screen, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the white bar is on the bottom of the screen, sometimes it isn’t. I can’t trust the behavior enough to demo this prototype on my device in front of an audience.

Has anyone been able to create a native iOS prototype without any issue?

Here is the prototype.
The first two screens are using the iPhone 11 Pro template, the second two use the iPhone 11 template (I have an iPhone 11). The last screen are of screenshots I took from the Axure Cloud app showing how it’s displaying improperly.

iOS-prototype.rp (511.9 KB)

Here is Axure’s “solution”… Axure 9 in Mobile App: Broken on iPhones without Home Button (X, 11, etc)

Basically rotate your phone to landscape and then back to portrait. Which is not great in user testing because that white box breaks my bottom nav bar and I have to ask participants to rotate the phone!!!
I hope they fix this bug soon.


Thank you! While not ideal, it does work and allows me to demo the app better than I could before.