Canvas size 20,000px, area I need 2,000px


How do I set the overall canvas size to something smaller? It is 20,000 pixels high and wide and makes it difficult to use the scrollbars and I often find myself disapearing off the area I’m using into the desert.

I have checked to make sure there are no elements that are where they shouldn’t be and I noticed that even a brand new document has these crazy dimensions.


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Hi Rachel,

There isn’t a way to restrict the overall size of Axure RP’s canvas at the moment, but I’ll be happy to submit a feature request for this ability to our product management team. In the meantime, creating and placing guides (or global guides) onto your prototype’s canvas at your desired dimensions may help. You can read a little more about guides here if you’re interested:

Please let us know if you have any other questions or if there are any other features you’d like to see!

When Product Team will fix it???

Hi @Simon_Axure,

Is this still the case in Axure RP 10? I have the exact same issue as Rachel; interacting with the editor’s scrollbars is really painful, as you fly away from your page area with the slightest drag. Setting guides isn’t going to help either.

In short, I’d really like to resolve this problem and if that means creating a feature request, I’d appreciate it if you could do that on my behalf.

Thank you.