Capturing scrolling designs and prototypes via a screenshot

I’ve tried several screen capturing tools and none of them are able to capture the full scrolling page that is published via HTML. When choosing to capture the full page, the tool only captures the viewable portion of the screen. Is there a setting or work around for this?


Hmm, if you’re looking to capture the entire height of the prototype and the currently available screen capture tools aren’t doing the trick, then another option would be to try the snapshot widget. If you add a new page, add a snapshot widget, and point it at the page that you want to capture, then you can adjust the snapshot widget so that it fits everything from the target page. You can then use the “Applied Actions” option if needed to show the page with certain interactions fired. From there, you can use “File > Export [PageName] to Image” to export an image of that page that has the snapshot, which should give you the full height image of the target page without going through browser extensions.

Hopefully that helps!

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