Cards widget on click

Could anyone help me build this widget?


Hi vannucci!

Could you tell me a little bit more about how you would like this prototype to function? For example, are you interested in having the smaller widgets expand to a larger size when they are clicked? Would you want the larger widget to collapse to a smaller size when something like this occurred? Please let me know what kind of functionality you’re looking for, and I’ll be happy to assist!

Hi Chelsea, how are you?

I would like it when clicking on an item expands it and closes what was expanded … do you understand?
The first item must be opened.

thank you very much for your help.

Hi -
Here’s a demo file (that I came across from somewhere) that should help. It showcases a vertically-stacked accordion, but you should be able to see how the “push-pull” works, which you could implement for your design.

Always, hope it helps.

accordion test (expand and collapse one at the time).rp (61.9 KB)

in addition to the solution above you could also archive this with different states in a dynamic panel.

expandCollapse.rp (94.1 KB)

Thank you for the help!!! I got it!!!