Change canvas background color in library?

I am creating a library for a dark style UI. So many UI controls will have a white text or white elements. Unfortunately in a library project I cannot change the page style, so all components are shown on a white background.

Well, pretty hard to see white on white.

Is there any way I can change the background color in a library so that I can create the components much easier?

The closet I’ve seen to variable background colors in Axure is the workaround described in this thread. However, the color is only available at run time not design time, making it a bit difficult to use in a library.

I don’t really have any good suggestions for this unfortunately, when it comes to page-level data, I’ve tried creating blank template where the page-level values are already set but that gets quite difficult to maintain over time.

I’m hoping someone comes up with something for this, it would save me a lot of work too.

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Would be so easy. Just do not take away the page style. And ideally the background color of the page style would then also be used for rendering the component previews.

Create Guides as background.


And Change guide color to your main library color here

I just tried this but the guides seem to have no effect on the background color when pulling in a shape from the library. Is it the Global Guide Color you’re changing in your screenshot?

I know this workaround but it comes with major hassles: Performance get very bad and you need to be super careful to not click on a guide and move it.