Change color of number of items with one click


New user to Axure. Have been fooling around with the software for couple of weeks now and I think it’s a great piece of software.
I’ve made a prototype webpage and styled it according to a specific brand of my company.
As there are multiple brands within the company I would love to be able to do the following:

I want to place a button on the page with which I can change the appearance of the site.
OnClick it should only change the color of some text items I have placed on the page.

Any quick and easy way to do this?
Tried search but could not really find something similar.


Perhaps the most straight forward approach would be to use the interaction styles for those elements (selected, disabled, etc) and set the color for selected to be your new color. You’ll find that in the properties tab of the widget inspector:


Since you’re going to apply this to many items, highly recommending creating a style and applying that for the selected state:

Then onclick of your button, set selected of those text items to true:

I will give that a try. Thanks for your help!