Change dynamic Panel in a single row of a repeater according to selected rows in another repeater

It actually isn*t as complicated as it sounds. On the left side in my flashcard editor I have data, f.e. pictures, text, etc. which I can add by clicking the little lower left plus. On the right side I can create my own flashcards and also save them. Now I want to assign some of the flashcards on the right side (I chose by clicking the number box) to the “files” on the left side by showing the number of the flashcards as different states of a dynamic panel. This should be done by the big plus in the middle. I’ve tried marking rows, creating variables and selected boxes but none of this seemed to have worked. Help would be highly appreciated.

I also need the data from the both sides in a new repeater which switches between the data fromfirst the left and then the right side, according to which fields I have assigned to each other. Then I could use this repeater to start a “Player” on another page which for example first shows me a picture and then two flashcards to remember what is in there :slight_smile:

Greetings, PhilippFlashcard editor.rp (2.3 MB)


I didn’t quite understand the things you want to do with transferring values. I don’t understand the relationship between the cards on the right versus the cards (are these cards?) on the left, but for updating a count global variable, you just need to do this:


…where CountVar is a global variable defaulted to 0.

I looks like you tried to do this with a variable called NumberSelectedFlashcards, but you didn’t have that global variable defined in the Global Variables list, so Axure didn’t know what it was.

Hey Josephxbrick,

thanks for your reply. The cards on the left side represent the stuff i want to learn by hard, f.e. a presentation, or document, and the cards on the right side help me doing that, by showing me a question then a mnemonic and then the answer. To know which Question-mnemonic-answer-combo relates to which slide or document I want to assign them to each other and the first step in this would be showing how many flashcards there are for each slide/document.
I already implemented what your are showing me but when I took this page of the App out I didnt think of the global variable. But when I had it in my App I wasn’t able to use that variable to show how many flashcards were assigned to a card on the left side…

Flashcard editor.rp (2.3 MB)

I now tried to add a value “X” to the left side to mark the desired row but now select doesnt work… Is this a bug?