Change panel state of dynamic panel when scrolling

Hi there,

I searched for my problem on the forum, but couldnt find any appropriate thread.
Problem: I would like to change the state of a dynamic panel (sticky to top of browser window) when scrolling up or down immediatly - like the behaviour of the iOS safari header.
Any ideas are much appreciated.
Best regards, Ingo

There’s a detailed tutorial in how to do this in the Axure docs. This tutorial is for Axure RP9, but I think it should still work in RP8.

Hi davegoodman,

thanks for the hint, but that is not exactly what I want.* The header, which is already sticky, should collapse (by change panel state or show /hide function) on scrolling down, but if the page is scrolled up again at any Y position the header should expand immediatly.
Br Ingo
*Maybe I’m too stupid to deduce it from your solution. :grimacing:

You can use the ‘Pin to top’ functionality to make sure the dynamic panel is always in the correct position. Then you can use the method described later in the tutorial to trigger a state change in the dynamic panel (from a collapsed state to an expanded state) on a ‘Scroll up’ event.

Hi dave,

thanks for pushing me. It was so easy. I just used the OnWindowScrollUp/Down interaction - and «tata» it worked exactly the way I wanted it.
Have a nice evening.

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