Change the height of background image on click of radio button


Hi Friends,

I have rectangular image with border as a panel which contains 2 radio button (Yes and No).

When user click radio button “Yes” - shows calendar field.

When user click radio button "No’ - hides the calendar field, shows the text-box below and a drop-down. Also, background image height must change to show as panel and to accommodate all the above.

Problem - Not able to change the height of background by swapping small background image to big background image. Background image must change to small when I click radio button “Yes” and vice versa.

Note: I have no issue in doing the interaction, so that is fine. The only challenge to change the background height.
Another issue is since there is a widget below the small panel box which also have to push or pull based on the interaction.

Need your help guys.




here are 2 approaches changing the height of an image, I guess you may want to go with Approach A


Resize Img.rp (2.2 MB)


Just noticed you are on RP 8, but my file is RP 9


Actions on clicking “No” in Approach A

Actions on clicking “No” in Approach B


Thank you so much for this option.

Was not able to thank you from long.


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