Changed behavior of Master Break Away

After I updated Axure from to, behavior of master break away seems to be changed.
When I break away a master that has child masters inside, only the parent master was broken away on,
but now also the child masters are broken away on
Is there any way to retun this change back to previous in latest version?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Tetsu!

This is a known issue that our respective teams are currently investigating. I’ve gone ahead and added a note to the issue’s bug report regarding your experience with this behavior.

While this issue is still currently being investigated, we have found a couple workarounds for this issue! One workaround is to undo the action after breaking away the master. This will undo the breaking away of the child master, and will keep the parent master broken away. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut [CTRL/CMD]+[ALT]+[SHIFT]+[B] when breaking away the parent master. This allows only the parent master to be broken away, and does not impact the child master.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for your prompt reply.
It’s good to know the keyboard shortcut.
We will use it untill the bug is fixed.

Thanks a lot!

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