Changing button size of radio button

Hi there,

I’m looking to change the size of the button part of a radio button, but seem to be missing the size field. Any ideas where I can find it? This is what I see:


You can’t do it in Axure 8. However you design it using the Eclipse widget

1 big Eclipse and another small Eclipse widget.

Then using interaction you

Onclick big Eclipse show the small Eclipse Bring to Front

Onclick small Eclipse hide

Unfortunately, this is a limitation of Axure’s premade “radio button”, from what I can tell.

However, you can create a widget that functions just like a radio button by creating a dynamic panel that has two states - “selected” and “unselected”, like a normal radio button would. Then create widget(s) to reflect what you want “selected” and “unselected” to look like, including the size of the widget(s). I’ve attached a simple example below, feel free to use it if it works for you.

Simple Radio Button.rp (51.6 KB)