Changing the "Button" color in a Radio Button

I can’t find this anywhere in the forums, so I thought I’d try here.

How do you change the color of the big circle/dot in the middle of a selected radio button?

My “UI” people have gone all crazy with the colors, and they’ve specified a color for that dot.

I have figured out all the other attributes - but is there a place to change the big black dot?

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use images to simulate

Right, that occurred to me. And that’s what I’ll wind up doing if there’s not a more elegant approach.

But if there is a way to edit the standard component, that’d be much better…



I was going to suggest adding a CSS plugin to style the radio buttons, but the radio button in Axure is already a styled input.

did you ever try to change border color of radios ?

borderColor.rp (53.1 KB)

Jorkin - yep. That part I’ve got.

Literally every attribute I need but the dot color is easy to change.


Yep. Pretty much where I’m at atm.