Changing the state of multiple dynamic panels with a button press does not work

I’m working on a registration form, where pressing the next button should show an instruction set, the next part of registration, a new banner, and a new set of buttons. All four of these things are set up as separate dynamic panels. Despite them all being handled the same way, however, only two of the four state changes seem to be working. Am I missing something obvious?

I’ve enclosed the project file. The issue is on the ‘Registration Computer’ page, with the Next button being the culprit.

Thank you in advance!

OhioPageSample.rp (1.8 MB)

Can Axure not handle more than two DP state changes per interaction? I managed to kind of get it working by setting two of the panels to change states using OnPanelStateChange for the ones that DID work, but this does not look very nice when it animates - looks like extra lag.

Hi! It looks like there’s a conflict between the OnClick interactions on the “Next Button DP” and the “++Next” button contained within that dynamic panel. Your dynamic panel has the four Set Panel State interactions that you want to fire, but since the “++Next” button inside of it also has an OnClick (and is only setting the panel state of two of the panels) that is what you wind up seeing fire instead:

To resolve that, you’ll want to put the four desired Set Panel State interactions on either the dynamic panel or the button contained within it and clear the other widget’s OnClick interaction. Hopefully that helps!

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This worked!!! Thank you so much for your help! I greatly appreciate it!

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