Changing widget content programmatically

Greetings to all!

I have many hypertext widgets having hidden “info about” inside each. I need to get a popup tip-box when mouse hovers over every such widget. I wouldn’t like to create “tip” modal for all of them. I’d like to create only one. And then to transfer the content “info about” from the hypertext widget to the content of this “tip” modal.

Is there a proper way to make this?

This tutorial on popups, tooltips and toast notifications will be useful.

If all if your ‘info about’ content is roughly the same length, you can create a single tooltip widget and then dynamically set the text on the widget with a ‘mouseover’ interaction on your trigger widget, then move the tooltip widget to the trigger location.

If they are going to be lots of different lengths and/or formats, you can create a dynamic panel with different states for each one, then switch it to the correct state and move it to the coordinates on mouseover. See the above tutorial for doing that.

Thanx, I saw this video. I have the second case. The info content is different and is more complex then text.

I thought about you solution, but wanted to explore the way more componential.

(as I understood, there is not a way to take all content from the first dynamical panel, and put it into dynamic panel in the second widget)

One trick you can use to store “hidden info” about a widget that you can still access within Axure is to use its Name. When you name a widget, you can access that value through it’s .name property.

For example:

Set text on SomeWidget to: [[]]

Just a trick I’ve used in the past, may or may not be useful depending on how much content you want to stuff in there.

Unfortunately not suitable. Because of the need for some formatting and hypertext (links, shapes, etc)

if the content is all structurally similar, you could use a repeater for the tooltip content. You would then need to create a column of unique keys for each row and when you want to show the the tooltip, filter it to just the key you want to show. You can also reposition it relatively to the element that triggered it.

This could be less work than, say, creating every single tooltip state as a state in a dynamic panel, or individually.

Otherwise if they content of each tooltip is totally unique, you might just have to create each one manually.

Yes it is, the content is all structurally similar. I’ll try to learn repeaters. May be there is a similar example as I need?

Thank you, esteemed @nkrisc

Here is the Axure documentation for Repeaters, which explains how they are set up and behave:

This thread has a couple of solutions for popup tooltips used with a repeater:

on click if you set a variable to a number, you can set a dynamic widget to that panel state. dont know how complicated your prototype is (number of states you would need). but i’ve used this in the past.