Chatbot - if latest response (in repeater) contains set "word" add row to repeater

Hi everyone, first post here!

I am in the business of creating a chatbot and i have come so far that i’d set up:

[li]Chat window with scrollability[/li][li]Message field and send button[/li][li]You can open and close chat window[/li][li]You can send messages with a timestamp[/li][li]As standard the chatbot replies “I don’t understand your question”.[/li][/ul]

Now i need to set rules that gets triggered by set words, so the chatbot responses differently but I can’t really figure out how I do this.

Maybe you could help me.
Chatbot ny.rp (77.3 KB)

You have to write multiple cases on the send button like you are doing now in your .RP file.

(If text on (Text Field ) equals XYZ )
Add Row A to ChatReply_Repeater
Set text on (ChatReply_Bot) equal to abcd
Set text on (Text Field) equal to " "

Hope this helps.

I tried your solutions, and I would have to put in a wait time before the case executes. However, when adding

“Set text on (ChatReply_Bot) equal to “abcd”” it also changes the text of all previous sent messages by the bot.

So lets say i put a trigger that sends a different message on “police”.

a conversation would look like this.

  1. User: Hello

  2. Bot: I don’t understand you message, try again. <– Changes to “police is on its way” after message 3

  3. User: police

  4. Bot: Police is on its way

Hi madsh,

You can also continue to update the row values of the bot repeater within your existing Add Row actions. As @imaverick mentions, though, you’ll also need to add multiple cases within the OnClick event to simulate the full chat conversation. Here’s an example:

Chatbot_Test.rp (77.2 KB)

And a screenshot that shows a conditional case of the Send button:


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This is a a good example. Only thing that is missing in the RP file is that @Alex_Axure , when you get a response it does not take your focus to the response and you have to scroll down intead. If that can be fixed, I think that would be great example.


I just did Chatbot. Mainly I have used

Dynamic panels that responds based on user input or selection, also made use if else statement. Have a look

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I just tried it for 3 hours straight… but i can’t figure out where did you geht the message “I don’t understand your message, try again.” Where this comming from?

Get a Refund.rp (858.0 KB)

Note: This file was created in axure 7. but would open in in other versions too

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