Chatbot - if latest response (in repeater) contains set "word" add row to repeater


Hi everyone, first post here!

I am in the business of creating a chatbot and i have come so far that i’d set up:

[li]Chat window with scrollability[/li][li]Message field and send button[/li][li]You can open and close chat window[/li][li]You can send messages with a timestamp[/li][li]As standard the chatbot replies “I don’t understand your question”.[/li][/ul]

Now i need to set rules that gets triggered by set words, so the chatbot responses differently but I can’t really figure out how I do this.

Maybe you could help me.
Chatbot ny.rp (77.3 KB)

Trying to dynamically scroll to new data in a repeater on update

You have to write multiple cases on the send button like you are doing now in your .RP file.

(If text on (Text Field ) equals XYZ )
Add Row A to ChatReply_Repeater
Set text on (ChatReply_Bot) equal to abcd
Set text on (Text Field) equal to " "

Hope this helps.


I tried your solutions, and I would have to put in a wait time before the case executes. However, when adding

“Set text on (ChatReply_Bot) equal to “abcd”” it also changes the text of all previous sent messages by the bot.

So lets say i put a trigger that sends a different message on “police”.

a conversation would look like this.

  1. User: Hello

  2. Bot: I don’t understand you message, try again. <-- Changes to “police is on its way” after message 3

  3. User: police

  4. Bot: Police is on its way


Hi madsh,

You can also continue to update the row values of the bot repeater within your existing Add Row actions. As @imaverick mentions, though, you’ll also need to add multiple cases within the OnClick event to simulate the full chat conversation. Here’s an example:

Chatbot_Test.rp (77.2 KB)

And a screenshot that shows a conditional case of the Send button:


Chat / Chatbot samples?

This is a a good example. Only thing that is missing in the RP file is that @Alex_Axure , when you get a response it does not take your focus to the response and you have to scroll down intead. If that can be fixed, I think that would be great example.



I just did Chatbot. Mainly I have used

Dynamic panels that responds based on user input or selection, also made use if else statement. Have a look

Real-time chat bot using 2 pages. Possible?

I just tried it for 3 hours straight… but i can’t figure out where did you geht the message “I don’t understand your message, try again.” Where this comming from?


Get a Refund.rp (858.0 KB)

Note: This file was created in axure 7. but would open in in other versions too