Check-in messages and discarding own changes


Hi, what is the exact meaning of “Widget Style Sheet change” and “Sitemap changes” when I do the check in? I would be really happy to see some more details about what I’m about to check in :). As I don’t see them, how do I discard all of my current changes so that I have only the most recent version from the Axure Cloud? In that way I could start my work again and be sure that I don’t check in any unwanted changes. Thanks!


Hi! The Widget Style Sheet Change refers to any changes made to widget styles, such as if you create a new widget style or update an existing style. Additionally, if you add a new type of widget that isn’t listed in the Widget Style Manager onto a page in your project, that will update the widget style manager, and qualifies as a widget style sheet change as well. For instance, since I currently don’t have any Ellipse widgets in this team project, it’s not listed in the widget style manager, but if I add one to a page, then “Ellipse” will be added to the list on the left:

In regard to Sitemap Changes, those include changes that are made in the Pages pane, such as adding and deleting a page or folder, renaming or re-ordering pages and folders, etc.

Hopefully that helps!