Check-in/out vs Live Collaboration


Getting frustrated by Axure’s ancient team check-in/out system. I was just trying to explain to one of my new employees which file in Axure Cloud needs to be used… Not the regular file, the teams file. But don’t just download it, go to the file menu and “get and Open team file”… once you do that, you have to save it to your local drive. Why? I don’t know. How do you publish? Well, there is a publish button, but you can also check in if it’s checked out. Don’t forget to do this when you work on it, and save it too…

For a company building tools specifically for User Experience, this is a the worst user experience. I’m sure somewhere around here is a heated discussion about collaboration and the way that competitor tools are handling shared files. Considering that Axure just moved to a subscription model - the price our team is paying is now a much bigger topic - an annoyance in a perpetual license is now a real conversation for finding alternative solutions.

Please fix this soon.