Checkbox for auto hide axure top nav when on previiew

Hi, I know there’s a way to immediately remove the top nav of axure when on preview, but lately my experience is impeding me to work fast with my projects. when on the preview I need to remove the other generated links e.g. on a page named “chat” the preview link is ( so for me to view my work without the axure top nav another step is needed. I need to change the url to ( I’ts always a cumbersome process for me. I hope you can do something about this. One good example to take this functionality into consideration is when I always present to my team, they always notice why I ask for a minute before the planning starts. Well, its because I always hide the nav.

Hi Jess! You can configure the local preview to always open with the prototype player (the top navigation bar) minimized by opening Axure RP, navigating to “Publish > Preview Options”, and then under the “Player” section, you can select “With Player minimized”.

If you publish your projects to Axure Cloud, you can also save specific URL configurations for your published project’s shareable links, which you can read more about from this section of the prototype player reference doc.

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I never saw this! Is this a new functionality? well anyway, thank you for your immediate response! it was very helpful. I certainly appreciate it. Thanks!

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