Checkbox/radio button alignment different from workspace

All the checkboxes and radiobuttons are misaligned in axshare. See attachment:

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NB: Both where opened with Google Chrome

Hi qlymax,

I did a quick test of this using the Arial font, and I’m seeing that the checkbox and radio buttons move a little further down in the output when published to Axure Share and when the text is aligned to the middle or bottom. I’m seeing that the text and checkboxes/radio buttons stay in place in the Axure Share output when the text is aligned to the top.

From your screenshots, I’m unsure of whether this is similar to what I’m seeing. As such, could you post your RP file here for me to test? If you could also let me know the name of the font you’re using to test this, that’d be a big help as well. This’ll then allow me to file a full report with our QA team. Ty!

checkbox_radio-testing.rp (53.2 KB)

Here’s is a small version of the project. The problem is the same. AxShare

The font is Catamaran

Hi qlymax,

Thanks for attaching those. I see the same problem as you, where WYS in Axure RP differs from the Axure Share output, and I’ve filed this with our QA team for further investigation. In the meantime, I’m afraid the only workaround I’m able to suggest is to use top-align, rather than middle- or bottom-align, to align the text of the checkboxes/radio buttons to ensure consistency between WYS in Axure RP vs local preview vs Axure Share.

Hope this helps!

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Please let me know when there is a solution. In the meantime i’ll use the align-top.