Checkboxes on Tabs cannot keep selected state when switching tabs

I put a few checkboxes on each tab, and I need to set some checkboxes selected as default, but when I was switching between tabs, the selected checkboxes lost selected state and turned to unselected after switching back from other tab. Is this a bug? Or is there something that I need to set to make it act correctly?

Hi George-Ren,

Would you be able to include the .rp file you are referencing? That would help me (and others) understand/troubleshoot the issue, and share back possible solutions.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your response. Here is the rp file for your reference.
CheckBoxesOnTab.rp (293.5 KB)

I selected one of the enabled scales on the Tab “Terminal 1”, then I switched the Tab to “Terminal 2” and switched back to Tab “Terminal 1” again, all the selected states on enabled scales are lost.

Hi George-Ren,

I made a few edits and I believe the terminal prototype now works as you intended. Here is the edited file:
CheckBoxesOnTab_Refactored.rp (296.5 KB)

I do apologize however, because I don’t know exactly know how I fixed it :frowning:
Here’s what I did: After a bit of testing, I noticed that when I ran your prototype in the browser with the console open, if my first click was on the “Terminal 1” tab, all the checkboxes become unchecked.

So to try to understand what was happening, I regrouped and renamed some of your components, specifically the item in the top most panel, and the items in “Terminal 1” State of the Terminal dynamic panel. After I did that, I noticed a shape (“panel 1 contents”, I believe) blocking the checkboxes, and deleted that shape. After that, when I tested the prototype, it worked as I had hoped it would.

I included screenshots, before and after, showing console traces of what happened when I clicked “Terminal 1”.

Anyway, I wish I had more info for ya, but it works :slight_smile: Take care. -PB

It really works, many thanks.

Great, you find the key, thanks a lot~ Have a good day!

Thanks Jorkin for pinpointing the issue! This was my first time working with selection tabs :}