Click and Drag .svgs


You seriously can’t click and drag a ,svg from a file explorer like you can in 8? It takes significantly longer to go to the libraries, move an image element onto the canvas, then double click the image element to select your file. Before, you just move the element onto the canvas an convert. Unless i’m doing something wrong.


Guess you’re running Windows? Under MacOS it’s possible to drag & drop an SVG (or other appropriate file format) from Finder onto the canvas. Not that this info really helps you though. Sorry :slight_smile:


9.0.3655 on macOS 10.14.5 and drag/drop SVG’s (especially from Font Awesome) seem to not work for me at all. In fact, if I open this up, save them as SVG’s in Affinity Designer or copy as SVG via Figma, I get either a 1px by 1px that requires resizing but will not accept color or something that does not retain SVG properties (cannot fill the color, change outline, so forth).

However, if I download the SVG’s from - drag and drop works like a charm. I think Font Awesome (and a few others) has a frame that “interferes” with the drag/drop mechanism.