Click on a checkbox in a repeater to open a second repeater in a dynamic panel


I am relatively new on working with repeaters and struggle with the following.

I created two repeaters with a list of checkbox items for a refining list concept.

One repeater is called businessArea and has checkbox items as titled below in it:

Labour Market & Welfare
Crime & Justice
Health & Social Care

The second repeater list is sitting in a dynamic panel and is has to appear when the Business checkbox from the first repeater list is selected and contains the a checkbox list with the Business items.

I like to repeat this for Economy, Labour Market & Welfare, Population, Crime & Justice, Health & Social Care.

I browsed through the Forum items but can not find a proper solution.


Peter Antheunis

Hi Peter!

You can do this by using the OnSelected of the checkbox widget to set the dynamic panel state to the column of the repeater, e.g. [[Item.Column0]]:

You’ll just need to make sure that the items in your repeater column match the name of the dynamic panel state exactly. Since your first checkbox item in the first repeater is “Business”, for example, the first state of your dynamic panel must be named “Business” for this interaction to work.

The last part is adding a hidden radio button to the first repeater so that on selection of the checkbox, the others will automatically get de-selected. Radio button widgets come with their own Radio Groups (when one radio button is selected, the others automatically get de-selected), and you can use this in a repeater by de-selecting the “Isolate Radio Groups” property in the Properties tab of the Inspector pane.

I’ve added an example file to demonstrate this. Hope it helps!

RepeaterCheckbox.rp (66.0 KB)