Click or Tap on a Repeater Element ignores all added interactions

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a repeater widget that contains combinations of pictures and text, just a standard product + description repeater. Setting it up works fine.

I added a selection group and set “isolate selection groups” to unchecked, because only one element of the repeater should be selectable.

The repeater element changes selected/deselected state accordingly when clicked.

I have some text outside of the repeater that should be visible as long as nothing has been clicked on. As soon as there’s a click or tab I want to hide it and make another text visible instead.

I added “Click or Tab” interaction on the picture inside the repeater (and also tried to add it to the repeater itself once), and added the show + hide interactions for the two texts.

However: when I click on an element absolutely nothing happens. First text does not change to hidden, second text doesn’t change to visible.

Is this a bug? What am I doing wrong?

What you describe should work. Hard to say what might be wrong without seeing your .rp file. Could you upload your file or an example?

In the meantime, here is a quick demo to show it is possible.
repeater click example.rp (251.5 KB)

Some general troubleshooting tips… In the prototype player in your browser, view the Console panel and turn on Trace so you can see when your interaction code gets called. For instance, maybe there is a widget or layer in front of the image widget in your repeater, blocking interactions with your image/picture. Or, maybe your code is trying to show/hide the wrong text widgets. Or, maybe you have a conditional case (If/Else) that is not being met.

Yes, it should have worked and it did! I was able to find my mistake. I had copies of the texts outside the workspace and forgot about them. I applied show/hide to the wrong text groups for an hour… :sweat_smile: