Click through videos

Alright newbie here (please go easy :smiley:)

I just want something that I am thinking should be simple but am probably making it quite hard.

I honestly just want to have a set of 3-4 videos (local mp4’s) that are all like 5-6 seconds each open in a browser full screen and let me hit enter to go from one to the next.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  1. Inline Frames - Don’t seem to allow me to “not” look like actual videos by getting rid of the controls but I can click through either pages or frames (I think…)

  2. Dynamic Panels - Seem to be useful in controlling the Interactions but again need Inline frames

  3. Using Javascript (I ain’t scared…) to load a video (not local) to a dynamic panel.

Wondering what you recommend !