Clicked button state


I want to make button with 4 states:

1 standart
2 hover in/out
3 pressed
4 clicked :slight_smile:
and I want to 4 state will stay clicked…

can’t get how to make it…:slight_smile:Thx for help

Right click your button widget and choose Style Effects... from the contextual menu. Then you can create your styles as you desire.

Standard: You don’t need to do anything more. However you’ve already styled it is standard.

Hover: Use the MouseOver style from the Style Effects window.

Pressed: Use the MouseDown style from the Style Effects window.

Clicked: I assume you mean that it keeps some state after it’s been clicked. Use the Selected stylefrom the Style Effects window. Make sure you add an action on your button to set it to selected when clicked.

I works…!!
Thank You! :slight_smile:

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