Clicking behind hidden panels

Hello. I’m still new and today i got stuck while prototyping.
I have a lot of hidden dynamic panels with scrolling menus and all sorts of things attached to them. I did this because I need my own designed scrolling menus, instead of pre-made ones.

The problem is, I can’t click on buttons that are covered by hidden dynamic panels.
And i sometimes have more than just one dynamic panel covering one another. I thought that wouldn’t be a problem, because they are “hidden” which means not active unless clicked upon and they simply wouldn’t interfere.

is there a way around it without changing design?

Thank you.


If the widgets that are in the way are dynamic panels, then you can click the visibility icon in the Outline pane to hide the dynamic panel from view; this will move it out of the way so that you can interact directly with the widget underneath it, but it will still be in the file.

Another way to get to widget behind your panel without hiding the panel from view would be to do a slow double-click over the element that you’re trying to get to; in Axure RP 8 this allows you to “drill down” through the layers of widgets to reach the one you need. In Axure RP 9, this is made easier with the addition of the “Select Widget” feature, which is accessible by right-clicking an area on the canvas and using “Select Widget” to pick the specific widget that you’re trying to reach right away.

Hopefully those help!

Hello, I really appreciate for a quick and detailed answer.
But apparently I made a mistake in my problem description.
I totally forgot to mention that the problem is in a preview mode. It’s my bad.

I have no problem with axure interface and im aware of ability to hide certain things if they interfere with prototyping. But when I click on a preview, i cant click certain buttons that are behind hidden panels.

If you look at my first screenshot, you’ll see that its a screenshot of my prototype in axure. It has green box with a grey box. The grey one is interactive and has two other boxes beneath it. I made this by making these two beneath it to toggle slide down upon clicking on grey one. Then i converted them to dynamic panels because i want a have a scroll button

If you look at my second and third screenshots you’ll see how they look in a preview mode

I also made green button to turn black upon mouse over.

Now when i put my dynamic hidden panel over that green button

The mouse over simply doesnt work. Nor do clicking or any kind of selecting.

Is there a way around this?

Ah, thanks for the clarification! In your screenshots it looks like the dynamic panel that has the grey box and the two hidden widgets is set to visible, and has the bottom expanded to show the hidden widgets on the canvas (but these won’t show in the browser). If you place that dynamic panel over any other widgets, the portion that is expanded to show the hidden widgets on the canvas will block interactions on any widgets below it. To prevent that, I would advise converting the panel to have “Fit to Content” turned on; this will make the panel shorter when the contained widgets are hidden so that the other button doesn’t get blocked, but will still allow the contained widgets to be shown when needed. You can then put the currently hidden widgets inside of their own dynamic panel within the “Fit to Content” panel, and make that nested dynamic panel scrollable. You would then make the hidden widgets visible, and hide their scrollable panel instead. This should keep the hidden panel from blocking the clickable button but still allow them to be scrollable. Hidden Panel.rp (54.2 KB)

Hopefully that helps!

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