Collaboration in Axure

Like many organizations, we have multiple offices in multiple locations. We’re working remotely and will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future. This is not news. Nearly all of the tools I use to do my job today have a real time editing and collaborative capability. Office, Confluence, Miro, Figma.

I genuinely love what Axure lets me do. I’ve used it daily to do my job since 2007, and it enabled me in ways that literally nothing else did. But now those cases are dwindling, and in some ways it creates friction in ways other tools do not.

Other tools are developing capabilities that are getting close enough to Axure. They’re building on their real time collaborative capabilities, eliminating the risks coming with passing around the latest file or making sure no one else is working on that file, and will likely soon become close-enough where dealing with the feature gap is justifiable.

Sure, Axure Teams enables multiple people to work on a single file, checking pages in and out, dealing with conflicts and other issues. But it’s slow, awkward and archaic. A product of a different time.

There are tools that make our lives easier, and those that do not. Right now, Axure is positioned as one of those that do not. The ones that make working with others easier are getting used more, even if they do less. I really hope you’re working on something here.